Aerotech O5500 Propellant X Rocket Motor

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This motor requires a L3 Certification to buy.

The new O5500X-PS DMS rocket motor replaces the O5280X-PS DMS rocket motor that has been placed on hold for more than a year due to casing integrity concerns. The O5500X-PS utilizes a new, thicker walled fiberglass casing and features updated assembly instructions, plus a new instructional video.

The O5500X-PS (P/N 15550P) motor uses AeroTech’s high-Isp Propellant X™ to produce an exceptionally high total impulse, accompanied by a bright white flame with a moderate amount of smoke. The motor delivers 21,384 N-sec (4,808 lb. sec) of total impulse in 4.03 seconds making it ideal for extreme high-altitude attempts (including two-stage flights to the edge of outer space!) and sport flights in heavy weight rockets. The O5500X-PS is a “plugged” motor that produces tracking smoke only, and cannot be configured with an integral ejection charge. Rockets using 75 and 98mm DMS motors must utilize an electronically-activated recovery system.

The AeroTech Disposable Motor System DMS is a single-use motor in kit form that is assembled by the user. All of the Aerotech DMS motors use all-disposable components. The nozzle is already installed. Propellant needs to be installed. 

The O5500X-PS is a Plugged/Smoke motor. Plugged reload kits do not utilize a motor-actuated ejection charge. Plugged motors must be used in conjunction with a timer, altimeter or radio-activated recovery system.

This DMS motor features a filament-wound fiberglass casing, a glass-reinforced composite phenolic nozzle, a machined aluminum bulkhead with a built-in 3/8-16 thread for a matching eye bolt and RCSs exclusive Propellant X™ aerospace grade composite propellant formulation, which is a high ISP propellant, and produces a bright white flame with a moderate amount of smoke.

This AeroTech motor pack comes with 1 rocket motor and 1 FirstFire™ Initiator and requires HAZMAT shipping via FEDEX. 

Certified by the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA), the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR).

  • Specifications:

    Motor Diameter: 3.875 inches (98mm)

    Casing Length: 55.44 inches (1408mm)

    Total Impulse: 21384 N-sec

    Peak Thrust: 7552 N-sec

    Thrust Duration: 4.03 seconds

    Delay Time: Plugged

    Propellant Weight: 9779 grams

    Motor Weight: 16937 grams

Earn Reward Points: 2999

Earn Discount: $89.97

Product Code2172
ManufacturerAerotech Rocketry

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