Aerotech O6000 White Lightning DMS Rocket Motor

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This motor requires a L3 Certification to buy.This motor is shipable via freight only. 

The 06000W-P measures 152mm diameter x 1, 120mm long (5.98 in. x 44.1 in.), making this AeroTech's first 6" diameter high-power rocket motor. The larger diameter was required to contain the nearly full "O" power rating. The static tests for this motor were so spectacular that we've decided to attach videos to this New Product Information Release, plus photos. The new OMS 06000W-P (P/N 15600) produces a total impulse of 39,620 N-Sec (8,907.37 lb.-Sec.) and delivers a peak thrust of 9,564 N (2,150.18 lbs.) with an impressive burn time of 6.77 seconds. Its delivered total impulse is extremely close to the maximum limit allowed for a Class 2 rocket. Loaded with 22,000 g (48.5 lb.) of White Lightning™ propellant, AeroTech's most popular propellant formulation, this motor delivers unbelievably spectacular lift-offs and awesome flights. Designed to lift large single or multi-stage rockets and heavy payloads, and with an all-up motor weight of 31,520 g (69.5 lb.) it's perfect for mega-size rockets or 30,000 to 40,000 ft. (9,144 m to 12,192 m) college and university payload/altitude competition. It is also potentially capable of reaching 100,000 ft. (30,480 m) altitudes or more with a sleek, high performance airframe and optimized payload. This is a "plugged" rocket motor that does not produce delay smoke or contain an ejection charge and requires the use of an electronically-activated recovery system. Because the 06000W-P is shipped fully-assembled with a propellant weight of 48.5 lbs., it is considered a "1.3C" rocket motor and requires shipping by a 1.3C-capable carrier, which is extremely expensive. End users, however, may pick-up the 06000W-P rocket motor at our plant in Cedar City, UT.


O6000W-P Specifications Diameter: 152 mm (5.98 in.)

Length: 1,120 mm (44.1 in.) Propellant: White Lightning™

Total Impulse: 39,620 N-Sec / 8,907.37 lb.-Sec.

Burn Time: 6.77 seconds

Peak Thrust: 9,564 N / 2,150.18 lbs.

Delay Time: Plugged Motor

Propellant Weight: 22,000 g (48.5 lb)

Loaded Weight: 31,520 g (69.5 lb)

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Product Code3712
ManufacturerAerotech Rocketry

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