Bulk Packs

Bulk Packs
  • Alpha Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    Alpha Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    INSTRUCTIONS The Estes Alpha is a rocket that has stood the test of time and continues to be the go-to choice for educators after 40 years. Designed to be easy to build and customize, it offers a flexible platform for teaching valuable STEM principles to students. The unforgettable experience of launching an Estes Alpha rocket is something that stays with people for a lifetime, with millions of individuals remembering their first launch with fondness. The Alpha Bulk Pack is the perfect too…
  • Alpha III Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    Alpha III Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    INSTRUCTIONS Looking for a fun and educational activity to inspire kids' STEM interests? Look no further than the Alpha III model rocket! Designed with starters in mind, this high-flying rocket kit for kids is one of the first in the Beginner level series. With Estes standard model rocket engines (sold separately), the Alpha III can soar to heights of up to 1150 feet before gently returning to earth on its brightly colored 12 inch parachute. Whether your kids are first-time rocketeers or s…
  • AVG Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    AVG Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    INSTRUCTIONS Get ready to launch into the world of rocketry with the AVG Bulk Pack! This complete set includes rockets from three of our popular bulk packs, providing teachers and group leaders with a variety of skill levels and rocket types in a single package. The pack includes 4 each of the classic Intermediate level Alpha, 4 each of the versatile Intermediate level Viking with 48 fin combinations, and 4 each of the Beginner level Generic E2X. Each model requires a few basic tools and s…
  • Generic E2X Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    Generic E2X Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    INSTRUCTIONS Looking for an easy way to inspire creativity and promote STEM education in your students? The Generic E2X rocket is the right choice for you! This all-white rocket is the perfect canvas for customization, with foil self-stick decals, markers, paint, or simply left white. Its easy-to-assemble plastic fin unit and one-piece nose cone make it a breeze to build, even for students who have never built a model rocket before. But the fun doesn't stop there. Launching the Generic E2X…
  • Gnome Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    Gnome Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    INSTRUCTIONS Looking for a mini engine powered rocket that's as stylish as it is high-flying? Look no further than the Estes Gnome bulk pack! With its super shiny chrome and sapphire blue colors, this rocket is sure to turn heads as it reaches altitudes of up to 800 feet. The Gnome is a Beginner skill level kit that's easy to assemble and comes with a chrome wrapped body tube, a pre-colored one-piece fin unit, nose cone, and upper launch lug ring. Once assembled, the rocket is finished off…
  • Green Eggs Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    Green Eggs Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    INSTRUCTIONS Looking for an exciting and educational way to teach your students about rocket science and engineering? Look no further than the Green Eggs Bulk Pack! This rocket kit is specifically designed for school science projects and STEM classes, and is the perfect way to introduce your students to the world of rocketry. The Green Eggs Bulk Pack is specifically designed for C11 and D engines, providing a safe and stable flight for your students' experiments. And with its ability to ca…


    Stock Level: 6


    Stock Level: 6
  • Orbis 3D Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    Orbis 3D Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    INSTRUCTIONS Buy the Orbis bulk pack, download the .stl files to print your 3D plastic parts and you are ready to build your rocket! Our parts that you purchase + your parts that you grow = a great learning experience and lots of fun! 9 different designs and simple straight-forward assembly! Download 3D Printer Designs :  Imperial Metric 3 Fin Style 1 3 Fin Style 1 4 Fin Style 1 4 Fin Style 1 4 Fin Style 2 4 Fin Style 2 …
  • Viking Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    Viking Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    INSTRUCTIONS The Estes Viking rocket is a versatile and highly customizable rocket that offers the ultimate high-performance flying experience. Here are some of the features and benefits of this popular rocket: Customizable fins. With three, four, or five fins and 48 possible arrangements, the Viking rocket is perfect for aerodynamics comparison studies. The flexible fins allow for unique flying experiences every time you launch. Intermediate kit. The Viking rocket is an easy…
  • Wizard Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    Wizard Bulk Pack (12 pk)

    INSTRUCTIONS The Estes Wizard rocket is the perfect choice for those looking for a magical flying experience. Here are some of the features and benefits of this high-flying rocket: Easy to build: The Wizard rocket is an easy-to-build rocket that requires minimal assembly, so you can get to flying in no time. High performance: This trickster can reach magical heights of 1600 feet or more using powerful Estes engines. Experience the thrill of seeing your rocket soar into the sky! Self…
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