Jolly Logic

Jolly Logic
  • Altimeter 1

    Altimeter 1

    AltimeterOne is a rechargeable digital altimeter with a clear, sunlight-readable LCD display. Its tiny size and rugged construction have helped to propel its use beyond model rockets and planes to kites, quadcopters, falconry, and other sports and activities. Features Highly accurate 19-bit barometric pressure sensor can detect altitude changes of less than one foot Sunlight-readable LCD display displays maximum flight altitude History feature stores last 100 flights Advanced r…
  • Altimeter 2

    Altimeter 2

    AltimeterTwo is an instant flight analysis tool for model rocketry, no computer required. It is small enough to fit in most rockets, and it provides 10 key flight performance measures on its sunlight-readable screen for each flight, including max altitude, top speed, engine thrust duration, peak acceleration, ejection timing, and total flight time. No batteries required. AltimeterTwo is rechargeable and includes a recharging cable that works in common USB ports. Approved for National Assoc…
  • Chute Release

    Chute Release

    Chute Release is a small electronic device that holds your rocket parachute closed until it drops to an altitude that you choose. This is great for windy days and small fields when normally your rocket would drift too far while descending under parachute. Simply wrap the elastic around your folded parachute and snap it into the other side of the release, then set the altitude from 100 to 1000 feet (30-300 meters) and you are ready for launch. Specifications Size 54 x 31 …


    Stock Level: 6


    Stock Level: 6
  • Chute Release Accessories Kit

    Chute Release Accessories Kit

    Lost a pin? Frayed a tether? Popped a band? This kit provides replacements for all the pins, bands, and tethers that came with your original Chute Release. > 2 pins > 2 tethers > 10 small bands > 5 large bands  
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