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Officially it’s the LAMPMU – Low Altitude Mars Personal Maneuvering Unit – but no one on Earth or Mars calls it that. In fact, to most people it’s simply “The Leaper.” Developed for the first Mars Expedition of 2035, the jetpack was envisioned as a way to rapidly travel between surface habitats.

What the engineers didn’t count on was just how fun it would be! “Why walk when you can leap!” exclaimed Mission Commander Grace Henry, removing her helmet after the first test flight in the thin Martian atmosphere. And from that moment on, it was “The Leaper!”

The easy-to-assemble Leaper is an exciting addition to the Estes Destination Mars collection. You’ve never seen a model rocket like this before! Constructed from durable EPP foam, the Beginner-Level Leaper is a prefinished rocket that can be ready to launch in minutes.

No gluing, sanding, or painting required for this kit. Simply insert the stabilizer rods and your model is ready for the launch pad. The Leaper rocket uses engine ejection at the peak of flight. This shifts the center of gravity for a gentle, upright landing without a parachute or streamer. Amazing!

Launch Day of Destination Mars Leaper

  • Prep the Leaper for flight with the recommended Estes A10-0T engine.
  • There’s no engine hook. Just add a few layers of masking tape around the middle of the engine for a friction fit and engine retention during flight.

At launch, balanced by the extended stabilizer rods, the Destination Mars Leaper can reach up to 75 ft. – high enough to impress but still low enough to track. Modest altitude flights also make the Leaper a great choice for small flying fields. At apogee and engine ejection, the Leaper rights itself and lands safely on its tripod legs. Mars survey mission completed – ready to launch again!

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