Launch Schedule 2021-2022

1/1/22SEARS, Samson, Al (cancelled-move to 8th not attending)
1/8/22Hara, Woodville, Al (cancelled)
1/22/22SOAR, Taylorsville , Ga (will be leaving site at lunch)
2/5/22SEARS, Samson, Al
2/12/22Hara, Woodville, Al
3/5-6/22SEARS, Samson, Al
3/12/22Hara, Woodville, Al
3/26/22SOAR, Taylorsville, Ga
4/2-3/22SEARS, Samson, Al

Argonia Cup, Argonia, KS

5/7-8/22SEARS, Samson, Al
5/28-30/22NSL, Dalzell SC
6/9-12/22LDRS 40, Lucurne, Ca

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